Blue Yeti Podcast Mic Review

Watch the video to the right to listen to the quality of this microphone

Hey guys! My name is Jeroen Waning, and in the video on the right, I show you my brand new Yeti microphone from Blue I literally got today.

You'll find out I'm no expert LOL but at least you can hear the standard quality right out of the box without changing any settings.

All I had to do was plug it in my USB port and hit the mute button as it came muted out of the box.

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Detailed Blue Yeti Overview
Front, Angled and Side View of Mic

The Blue Yeti microphone is the latest and greatest in USB microphone technology.

Incredibly multi-faceted and one of the highest performing microphones on the market, the Blue Yeti is a winner in the way of both advanced technology and all-purpose application.

As for the specs, the Blue Yeti microphone itself weighs only one-point-two pounds.

Combined with its two-point-two pound microphone stand, the entire product weighs in at just under three and a half pounds.

When fully extended in its stand, the microphone still only measures twelve centimeters long and thirty centimeters high. However, the microphone can be folded down for increased ease of portability.

It can also be completely separated from its base in order to make traveling with it easier and to allow it to be used with a separate microphone stand. As such a lightweight, diminutive device, the Blue Yeti is incredibly easy to transport wherever you need to go.

The microphone is equipped with multiple tech-savvy features that enhance its ease of use and the sound of the finished product.

The Blue Yeti's infinitely positionable nature makes it incredibly easy to optimize sound from any source.

While on its stand, the microphone is able to be adjusted up and down as well as turned in any direction.

This allows the user to position the microphone where it is nearest to the sound that needs to be amplified.

Once you have adjusted the microphone to the position where the sound will be best optimized, you can twist the knobs attached to each side of the microphone to tighten the device into place and ensure that the Blue Yeti does not move during use.

The Blue Yeti microphone also includes an instant mute button, which allows you to pause a recording while in session and begin again when you are ready, and a gain control which changes the microphone's sensitivity depending on the volume and harshness of the sound being amplified or recorded.

Furthermore, the microphone has a standard headphone jack which, after headphones are attached, allows you to listen to the sound you're recording in real time and immediately make any needed adjustments with the microphone's easy controls.

Also, because the Blue Yeti is a USB microphone, it can be easily plugged into a computer and used for recording.

The Blue Yeti is the best USB microphone because it is compatible with both Mac and PC computers, as long as they are equipped with at least sixty-four MB of RAM and a system of Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.4.11 or any later versions.

One of the best aspects of the Blue Yeti microphone is its versatility in application.

It comes equipped with four pattern modes, each of which is specifically designed to optimize a certain type of sound.

features - pattern modes

The stereo pattern mode uses both sides of the microphone and works best for recording a wide range of sound; the cardioid mode only records sounds that are in front of the device in order to preserve a strong, direct sound; the bidirectional mode records sounds in front of the microphone and in back of the microphone, allowing it to capture powerful sounds from two different directions; finally, the omnidirectional mode records equal levels of sound from all sides of the microphone, thereby capturing clear levels of sound from all directions.

These separate patterns allow the Blue Yeti microphone to function efficiently when recording all different types of sound, including band performances, interviews, podcasts, single instruments, vocals, and more.

Versatile and constantly maintaining a high level of performance, the Blue Yeti microphone is the best cheap mic out there and the perfect choice for flexible users who want a simple-to-use device that can function efficiently in a wide variety of recording situations and still produce quality sound.

Special Features
  • External headset port
  • Headset volume knob on front
  • Mute button to turn mic off easily
  • USB for Mac and PC
  • Works right out of the box
  • Gain adjustment setting
  • Pattern adjustment setting (4 settings)
  • 2.2 Pound base for stability

This mic has some seriously cool features. First of all, it worked right out of the box. All I had to do was plug it into my USB port and hit the mute button. Mine came muted out of the box, but I'm not sure if this is standard for everyone.

I thought the volume knob was for the microphone, but it is actually for the headset if you want to plug in a headset in the 3.5 mm jack on the bottom.

Pros and Cons
  • Sturdy, solid construction
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Very affordable
  • USB plug-n-play
  • Unlimited position settings
  • Mountable
  • 4 Patterns - Stereo, Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Bidirectional
  • No unidirectional setting
  • Volume knob is only for headset
  • Headset not included
Overall Rating
5 out of 5 stars
Product Review

Personally, I can't think of any reason not to give this product 5 stars. The Blue Yeti is the best microphone I've ever had, but I'm no expert on microphones.

If you're a professional podcaster, there may be better options out there for you. This was just a very affordable option for me that has surprisingly awesome audio quality and a great variety of settings to play around with.

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